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E-Buying catalogue items ...

  • I wonder if catalogue prices refer to a piece or a box...
    • You will always find blister pack price listed near reference number. The piece quantity of a blister pack is sometimes specified in article description, it is otherwise indicated among titles on the top left side of the page. An example? A box of 4 mm real crystal Swarovski rhombus, Ref. No. RH14-216, costs 7,91 EUR and contains 50 beads.
  • I need to submit you 2 order forms. Will you charge twice transport costs?
    • No, delivery is single and delivery costs will be charged once. They amount to 10,00 or 12,00 Eur in accordance with selected delivery methods.
  • I'd like to buy some catalogue items filling out order form. After having given in my personal data, it is automatic submitted ... .
    • You should use TAB button to move towards next fields.
  • May I send you an order mail?
    • Select the order method that you prefer ... You can also place an order by e-mail at or by fax (0039 0375 59681).
  • How many time does it take you for delivery?
    • Most catalogue items are usually immediately available and delivery is carried out on the day of payment receipt. The parcel will reach destination in 2-3 days after dispatch time. Saturday, Sun - and bankholidays are not delivery days. Once we have received your order and checked for the effective articles availability, we will send you an order confimation by e-mail with instructions for settlement of our account. If an article shows multiple models or changes compared with our catalogue page, an item picture, with possible multi-choices, will be enclosed in e-confirmation.

Creative techniques and free projects ...

  • I have never carried out a jewel, which projects are suggested making a beginning?
    • You can select your favourite bijou among quick and easy, memory bracelet and finger ring jewel galleries.
  • Which articles are indispensable for a jewel project?
    • Getting off to a flying start in jewels sector it's really necessary to have a clipper, round and flat-nosed pliers. For beaded flowers and plants you need threading beads mill as well as the up indicated set of tools. We usually supply for any project the shopping list with related links to the catalogue sections each item.
  • I haven't understood some steps of a free project ... can I have further information?
    • Yes, certainly!!! Don't hesitate to ask us for further details, Nicole is so pleased to dispel your doubts.

Our site navigation ...

  • The page doesn't scroll as far as bottom side ... and I can't read the last paragraph...
    • You should click Zoom button to enlarge the page in order to obtain a complete scrolling and view of the page and lateral bar.
  • I can't print all page ...
    • Please select horizontal direction in print options.

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